Basic Information

Name : Zhu Wangshu

Birth date: 1991/11/28

Mobile: +86 18618422703



2009~2014 Beijing Forestry University(Project 211 University) Automation ( Bachelor’s )

2015~2016 Trine University Electrical Engineering (Non-degree)

2019/4~ Arizona State University Non-Degree Courses

(Conputer Organization and Assembly Language Programming : Finished)

(Data Structures and Algorithms : In Progress)


Fluent user of Objective-C and Swift

Self-taught Swift in 2015, have experience in iOS developing for 4 years.

Currently developing iOS framework for user authentication, in-app purchase and user center.

Have experience in git versioning and MR-based workflow,

as well as a Flutter user, published a flutter-based app on both google play and iOS App Store. Active

flutter community user, submitted feature which was added to the 2019 milestone.

Work Experience

2015/9~2017/10 Shenzhen Wei Xing Shun Technology Limited Xamarin.iOS Development

2018/1~ Now Shanghai You Lu Information Technology Limited iOS Development

Company Projects

2019/1~ Shanghai You Lu Information Technology Limited


Provide user authentication, in-app purchase and user center functions for company represented mobile games, in order to better cultivate the potential of large user base.

  • Design and develop iOS SDK from scratch
  • involve in technology choosing and discussions
  • Design project architecture, produce iOS framework, demo and documentation
  • Manage git codebase, work with a MR-based workflow, built CI system to automatically build framework on git merge on master branch.
  • Code login page and user center pages
  • implement third-party frameworks as Google sign-in, Facebook sign-in, twitter sign-in, Firebase and Appsflyer.
  • Work with json objects to communicate with back-end servers.
  • Deployed a mock server for API mocking.

2015/9~2016/10 Shenzhen Wei Xing Shun Technology Limited

Robot controller

  • use Xamarin.iOS to develop App to control robot machines over Wi-Fi network.

Personal Project

2019/6 Simple Things Todo

a flutter project designed to make todo list more accessible by adding voice recognition.

uploaded to both Google Play and iOS App Store.

2019/4~2019/5 Sekiro2D:Crazy Monster first month download: 2.5k

SceneKit based iOS game. using characters from the game Sekiro

2018/10~2018/11 Runner Limitless

An app for long runners to record and compete their scores.

Built website and support page with python django framework.

Git Projects

[WZDropDownView] a simple drop-down menu,based on UITableViewCell


[WZBorderLine] Use CAEdgeAntialiasingMask for view’s edge adding.



  • Mastered Objective-C basics and grammer
  • Familiar with Objective-C multi-tasking apis, Objective-C Runtime
  • Familiar with CocoaTouch Frameworks(UIKit、GameKit、StoreKit、etc)
  • Familiar with MVC、popular design patterns (Factory, Delegate, Singleton, Notification),KVO & KVC
  • Experience in Git versioning and operations.
  • Experience in cocoapods or carthage dependency management.
  • Have basic knowledge in Python and Django framework,Deployed Support site for self-sponsored apps (http://www.runnerlimitless,club) and deployed a mock server on the same server for api mocking.
  • Active Flutter user, published flutter built APP to both Google Play and iOS App Store. Proposed features on flutter project which was included in the December 2019 milestone.